• RiAssure 3 - Reducing down-time, equipment failure and energy use.

RiAssure3 can help you reduce overheating

RiAssure3 provides the opportunity to help our end user customers reduce their downtime and equipment failure by bringing to their attention any gaps in their existing enclosure and process cooling systems and service and maintenance regime.

Why is electrical enclosure cooling important?

  • Interruptions to production due to tripping or failing control components are costly
  • Temperature affects the correct operation and service life of electrical equipment
  • High temperatures that lead to tripping or failing control components are avoidable
  • 80% of component failures may be addressed with a suitable cooling solution

What is a RiAssure3 thermal survey?

RiAssure3 provides a health check of your cooling equipment. Skilled engineers collect data using data loggers and thermographic equipment. Information and findings are presented in a written report.

A RiAssure3 health check of your cooling equipment includes:

  • Inspection by our experts
  • Reliable information regarding the actual condition of your devices
  • Efficiency calculation with potential savings and payback periods
  • Realistic proposals to improve value retention and energy efficiency
  • Service suggestions and offers tailored to your site

Effective servicing of cooling units leads to:

  • Lower enclosure internal temperatures
  • Extended service life of installed equipment
  • Reduction in unplanned production downtime and its associated costs

Are your process chillers up to the job?

As part of a RiAssure3 survey, any process chillers are also inspected, as inadequate chilling of process cooling fluids could also impact production.

Check now if your chillers are charged with R22 refrigerant - The use of R22 refrigerant was effectively banned on 1 January 2015

Rittal supply chillers for process cooling and can advise on:

  • Capacity requirements
  • System design
  • Redundancy
  • Energy saving technologies, e.g. free cooling, inverter controlled compressors

Free Thermal Label

Reduce the cost of a survey by using our free thermal labels and sending the results to us for analysis.

To get your free label simply email: information@rittal.co.uk