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Assuring optimum reliability, maximising uptime and protecting your investment on all your Industrial & IT applications

Real life reasons why your business benefits:

Is it a critial environment?

  • Critical equipment needs a controlled stable environment to work in
  • Reliability of components is significantly reduced bu hot electrical cabinet internal temperatures
  • Correctly selected & maintained climate control products can prevent almost 80% of electrical equipment failures.

What is the cost of downtime?

  • Costs of downtime, loss of production, system shut-down due to overheating, these can easily exceed £10,000 per hour.  Can your business afford this?

Risk avoidance

  • Regular maintenance offers peace of mind
  • Allows prediction of possible future events
  • Allows for the possibility of prevention



Confidence - manufacturer support

  • Major manufacturer field support
  • Service and support from the cooling equipment manufacturer

Plan your costs

  • No surprises, cost transparency
  • Plan for future budget needs

Unexpected events

  • Should an unexpected event occur we are supporting your business with our support network.